BVI Villas for Sale

It is possible to own BVI real estate. Your chance to purchase a heavenly hideaway in the BVI has arrived.

Now, we don’t like to make a big song and dance about it and we don’t want you telling everyone – or they’ll all want a piece and then what would be left? But, if after sailing in the BVI or staying on one of our breathtakingly beautiful islands, your heart breaks when it’s time to leave, then maybe, just maybe, you should investigate BVI property and consider calling one of the places your own.

BVI real estate – for those who love the islands

Be forewarned, it’s not for everyone. Those looking to make a fast buck from real estate and sail off into the sunset will have a challenge. And if the thought of having to wait the six months or so it takes to obtain a Land Holding License incites irritation, then you may want to reconsider. But, if you share a love of the islands, the people, and the culture, then you will be welcomed with open arms. Continue…

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